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When stress comes in Some people are able to cope and get through it without problems. But some people are unable to deal with those stresses. until it adversely affects the mental and physical condition

Keep in mind that everything is not always in control.
Even if we plan well And how great are the skills? But anything unexpected or unexpected can happen, so keep in mind that everything is not always within our control. If you can accept it, it will help calm your mind. สมัคร joker and receive many special privileges For our members, JOKER123, whether it's a pro during the rich. good time Continuous credit deposit including inviting friends and many more are waiting for you Just be a member with us You can now receive these promotions easily in one click.

Take a break when you feel your stomach ache and your heart beating fast.
When there is a spasm in the stomach and a fast heartbeat Stop activities immediately, then take a deep, slow breath, focusing on your breath. When inhaling, feel the air entering the lungs and abdomen. while exhaling I could feel the movement of my lungs and my stomach collapse. Do this slowly 5-10 times before returning to work.

focus on one subject Avoid doing many things
Multitasking is a waste of energy. In addition to making you feel tired, it also results in not working at full efficiency. to choose to work on only one piece and focus on it and turn off the sound of email notifications including all social media

You should have a 3-4 minute break to give your brain some rest.
After 20 minutes of intense work, give yourself 3-4 minutes to rest, walk, and stretch. change some posture for the body to relax before returning to work But if you have to work at your desk for 50 minutes continuously, you should take a 10 minute break before returning to work.

Is the future good or bad? no one can tell
Since we can't tell how what we are doing will affect the future. from what we thought in the past that would be bad It may not be as bad as you think, and it might even be better than expected, so don't think about the negative. go first As long as you stay in the present and focus on doing the best in front of you.

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Часовий пояс UTC + 2 годин [ DST ]

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