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 Тема повідомлення: Fun facts for glowing skin for summer
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As summer approaches, many girls are planning to have fun in the heat of the day. Whether it's sunbathing in your favorite bikini, swimming in the sea or going out to take beautiful photos. with fresh flowers during this period But on the other hand, many people wouldn't be bothered to face the intense sunlight which causes dark circles and dark spots on their faces.

The effects of the sun and taking care of yourself are special this summer for girls. Take care of your skin in the right way.

Q : How much can the sun and UV rays damage you?

It has been found that prolonged exposure to UV rays damages the skin and leads to 10 visible and hidden skin problems The damage that is hidden within the skin is manifested in the form of mist that envelops the skin. which will obscure the aura and radiance of the skin These clouds can appear in the form of dark spots, dullness, and even hidden problems that are not visible to the naked eye. It is very dangerous if your friends out in direct sunlight Without using skin care products or applying a good sunscreen first.

Q : Is this why we have to avoid exposure to sunlight at all?

It's not at all. Because even if the sun damages our skin that is not constantly nourished. But sunlight also has its advantages. For example, it is a good source of vitamin D, which helps prevent heart disease. high blood pressure Diseases of the body's metabolic system and also stimulate the circulatory system to work better and more. Therefore, we should go out in the sun, but do not forget to apply sunscreen.

Q : What exactly is UV radiation that everyone talks about and how does it harm us?

UV rays, or ultraviolet rays, are the rays emitted by sunlight and can be divided into three types: UVA (UVA), UVB (UVB) and UVC (UVC).

UVA rays (UVA) if exposed to this radiation. Skin symptoms may not be noticeable. But if you get UVA Too much will cause the skin to wrinkle. premature aging Dark skin tone, lack of brightness and long exposure to UVA rays can cause skin cancer.

UVB rays (UVB) cause the skin to lose moisture. Burning, redness, and tanning can cause sunburn, which leads to freckles, dryness of the skin. And if exposed to this radiation for a long time can cause skin cancer as well as UVA rays.

UVC rays (UVC) can cause redness and cause skin to turn a tan.

Q : Is just using a high SPF sunscreen enough to expose yourself to the sun?

A higher SPF (Sun Protection Factor) does not mean that it protects the sun better than a lower SPF. SPF indicates the ability to protect the skin from UVB rays from the sun for a long time. For example, SPF15 means protecting the skin from burns 15 times. For example, you normally go out into the sun without sunscreen and your skin will burn within 10 minutes. If you apply SPF 15 sunscreen, then your skin will be exposed to the sun. destroy the skin It takes 15 times the 10 minutes, or about 150 minutes (two and a half hours), for your skin to burn from the sun, so the actual SFP value is not an indication of how effective it is to protect against the sun, but rather how long the cream can protect you from sunburn. burn of sunlight In fact, a high SPF may cause skin irritation for people with sensitive skin. They are also more likely to cause allergic reactions such as rashes.

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