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 Тема повідомлення: Environmental concerns grow as space tourism lifts off
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Environmental concerns grow as space tourism lifts off


After years of waiting, เว็บslotxo Richard Branson's journey to space this month on a Virgin Galactic
vessel was supposed to be a triumphant homecoming. Instead, the jaunt attracted significant
criticism - about its carbon footprint.

With Jeff Bezos set to launch on a Blue Origin rocket on Jul 20, and Elon Musk's SpaceX planning
an all-civilian orbital mission in September, the nascent space tourism industry finds itself facing
tough questions about its environmental impact.

Right now, rocket launches as a whole do not happen often enough to pollute significantly.

"The carbon dioxide emissions are totally negligible compared to other human activities or even
commercial aviation," NASA's chief climate advisor Gavin Schmidt told AFP.

But some scientists are worried about the potential for longer term harm as the industry is
poised for major growth, particularly impacts to the ozone layer in the still poorly understood
upper atmosphere.

Virgin Galactic, which came under fire in op-eds on CNN and Forbes, as well as on social media,
for sending its billionaire founder to space for a few minutes in a fossil fuel-guzzling spaceship,
says its carbon emissions are about equivalent to a business-class ticket from London to
New York.

The company "has already taken steps to offset the carbon emissions from its test flights and is
examining opportunities to offset the carbon emissions for future customer flights, and reduce
our supply chain's carbon footprint", it said in a statement to AFP.

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